Share your SUCCESS and not the PROCESS

– It is enough if only you can see it – One of the biggest goal breaker is the wait for approval. By telling close friends or family about your passion and plans can get you off-road. They just don’t share the same perspective. So why would we ask someone about their opinion (approval) if … Read more

How to choose the right Muay Thai Gym

Well, probably the first thing most people do is asking friends for recommendations. Which isn’t a bad thing to do. But what if no friend is in a Muay Thai Gym? And in the Internet you don’t get any insides of a Gym wether it is good or not. Before you start researching the reputation … Read more

How to become good in MUAY THAI

How long does it take to become good in a combat sport like Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing or MMA? Weeks? Probably not. Months? Maybe. Years? Most likely. In first place it is all depending on you. How often are you willing to train? For how many hours a day? 2 Questions you should ask yourself … Read more

7 attributes a FIGHTER need to have

These attributes will make YOU change YOUR mindset! In this article, I won’t talk about the things that are common sense like discipline, hard work, attitude or always to give your best mind set. No, I want to talk about the attributes that make you someone who knows how to give back! A professional fighter … Read more