7 attributes a FIGHTER need to have

These attributes will make YOU change YOUR mindset!

In this article, I won’t talk about the things that are common sense like discipline, hard work, attitude or always to give your best mind set. No, I want to talk about the attributes that make you someone who knows how to give back!

A professional fighter who only cares about themselves in my view is not a professional athlete. And will never earn the respect of the people. We always need to remind ourselves of how we got to the position we are in and trust me even those who gave you a hard time reaching your goal. They all played a role in how you reached it.

We need to be grateful and more importantly we need to give back!


So, my first point is punctuality. Be on time to your training. Wake up on time and do your running. Don’t make your training partners wait for you. Become an athlete newcomers want to look up to. This will earn the respect of not just your teammates but also of your trainers since this attitude alone tells a lot about yourself!


Take the responsibility for your training. What does that mean? Stop waiting for someone to tell you what to do! Be the one who knows his or her work and doesn’t need to be controlled if he or she does the running, extra bag work or sit ups to name a few things. You will get what you put in, remember that!

Be a good Idol

Everyone that started was once as a beginner. Remember those days when someone more experienced helped you transition yourself better in this sport? So, give back what you have received! Just helping a beginner isn’t what makes you an Idol. People need inspiration and someone they look up to. Be the one and embody the 7 attributes we are talking about to influence the people who are surrounding you!


It is a great feeling being able to inspire people to work on themselves to grow. That just doesn’t mean to stop being inspired by others. There is always room to grow and learn new things!

Thinking you already know enough and being stubborn to other ways of training will prevent you from truly reaching your potential as a fighter. For those who are at the beginning of their journey I recommend watching pro fighters train, their fights, and documentaries. Most importantly watch them again and again because I can tell you that you haven’t seen or understood all they do in one watch. Your way of thinking will change with growing experience.


If I tell you to never lose your focus on your goals, it’s like telling you to never think about anything else, which is impossible! The challenge in that is to be consistent. There will be days you can’t train or days you get distracted with other things in life. As long as you never quit and remember the goals you have set you are still in the race and this race has no finish lap, YOU KEEP ON GOING! Picture it this way. Your opponent in this race is yesterday’s self? Focus on being better than yesterday and your improvement has started!

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  1. True words of wisdom brother. And never miss any of your videos in insta 👌👌👌👌 excellent content and form

  2. Sehr inspirierend und motivierend, nicht nur sportlich gesehen! Mach weiter so!! Freue mich auf weiteres.. 💥👊🥊


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