Share your SUCCESS and not the PROCESS

– It is enough if only you can see it –

One of the biggest goal breaker is the wait for approval.
By telling close friends or family about your passion and plans can get you off-road. They just don’t share the same perspective. So why would we ask someone about their opinion (approval) if they are not wired like us. Would you start a business with a partner who has a different perspective towards the future of your business?

If you start to walk on the road towards your goal you will meet people likewise yourself. After the first step you will get in flow real quick. Because one thing will lead you to another. You just got to follow the right lead.

You will connect with people who will be teaching you by sharing experiences. I say as long as you stay truthful towards your goals you will attract the right teachers. This is simple said but you have to really understand it. This is the most important thing and only you have control over it.

When ever I have got off-road I have listened and made use of the opinion of others who were not living in the same world as I do. I slowed down my process of achieving my goals. Once you believe that there are energies that can throw off your plan when you let it, you will start choosing carefully who you engage with in close circles.

Leonardo Di Cabrio once said: „If you have the power to go alone in restaurant or cinema hall then you can do everything in life“.

When I move to Thailand by myself. Living in a new gym and in a completely new environment. I have learned the benefits of being alone. The focus you get in. No distraction. I enjoyed visiting restaurant alone. Or watch a good movie in the cinemas after training.

So I say. It is okay if only you see it. Because all you need is yourself.
To start, to keep going, to fall and stand back up, to achieve it. For each step you need only yourself. Share your success and not the process!

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