How to become good in MUAY THAI

How long does it take to become good in a combat sport like Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing or MMA?

Weeks? Probably not. Months? Maybe. Years? Most likely. In first place it is all depending on you. How often are you willing to train? For how many hours a day? 2 Questions you should ask yourself to determine how long it will take you to become good in this sport. Set your priorities right towards your goal and cut all the BS that keeps you away from it! Willing to train hard and making it to priority are the first steps. But they are not going to pay the bill though. There are more aspects to it you need to commit to which I will explain in the section below.

The Power Of Film Study:

I always tell my students the importance of film study. Nowadays there are plenty of training and fight videos up on YouTube or other social media platforms you can learn from. Don’t fool yourself though. YES, I am telling you it will help and guide you watching training and fight videos of pro fighters. It is still just a slice of the whole cake. The fact that you won’t have a Trainer controlling you with a schooled eye to fix your mistakes can lead you to adapt bad habits. There is great content to learn from out there but also terribly wrong teaching videos made by amateurs.

My recommendation is to ask your trainer or some of the professional fighters in your gym what they may recommend you to watch or who to follow. Training Muay Thai in a class with a good trainer combined with extra effort by watching fights and training videos of professional fighter will speed up your process of becoming good in Muay Thai!

Extra Effort:

So, what else you can do which will cost you nothing but time to reach your goal?! Something I really like on my students is when they stay 20-30 minutes longer and practice what I have taught in class. You can do it with a partner, at the heavy bag or just in front of the mirror. You get what you put in remember?

You just learned how to do the Right Mid Kick in Muay Thai? Well, go ahead and hit the heavy bag and practice it a 100 times one by one to improve hip rotation, foot rotation, arm swing, chin down, opposite arm guard up to name a few… .

In a good Gym soon someone more experienced will come up to you and help you with some advice. I will write about how to know if you are in a good/right Gym for you in an extra Blog. To help you avoiding exploiters. Now we got already few points for your checklist when you visit the Gym next time. But we are not done yet.

Find The Right Partner:

This point is probably the best way to learn and improve fast. You won´t be able to work every day that way. Make the most of it when you get the chance. When it comes to partnering up in training pick one of the best fighters there to train with. Of course, pro fighters will partner up most of the time with other pro fighters. I personally respect someone who is keen to get out of their comfort zone in order to learn and improve.

If you lucky to get to train with a pro do your best and don’t be afraid or be nervous. Wrong or right doesn’t matter as long as you put in the effort and give your best. It will be challenging to keep up in sparring or in a high paced drill. You will adapt with time to that faster rhythm get used to have less breaks and eventually become more controlled under pressure. Besides giving your best never lose your respect because this person could beat you up easily if he/she wants to.

Be a challenge in a smart and technical way and don’t use power in order to hurt him/her. That way he/she will let you learn, show you what you have to work on and maybe will also tell you how. Take the lesson and work on it after class!

What are your experiences training with a more experienced or the opposite less experienced trainings partner? Do you help them out or try your best?

Im looking forward to your thoughts in the comment section!

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